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Following on from here
(and I swear to ghod we'll meet Skander... soon?)

Kougaiji retreated to his bedroll, annoyed with himself for the near slip.

The only thing I've sensed that was similar to it was --

-- A small white dragon that was sometimes a Jeep.

Not something he should be saying to Toril. Not that it should matter. Toril was not Sanzo, after all, and he was a great hypocrite indeed to think of him as such after his conversation with Doku regarding Johar. If Doku realized who Toril was, he'd never mentioned it, which led Kougaiji to believe his general hadn't yet made the connection. It was just as well. There were times he found it difficult enough not to see the echoes of the monk himself. To have his supposed enemy as a loyal follower was disconcerting if he dwelled on it.

He tried not to.

Pillowing his head on a rolled blanket, he forced his mind back to other matters. The creature that was following them was most definitely not kami; of that he was certain. It never came close enough for him to sense it clearly -- only hovered on the edge of his awareness insistently enough to annoy him.

At least he could trust that it wasn't some new invention of that damn scientist. He'd seen Nii Jyeni die, watched with morbid fascination as the power of the sutras backlashed through one not truly capable of commanding it. The man had died laughing, and Kougaiji shuddered at the memory of sound and ash.

The laughter didn't haunt him half as often as the screams.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he sighed heavily. Lirin's absence (and he could accept reincarnates of the Sanzo-ikkou, but he simply couldn't think of his sister as dead) ached fiercely. Combined with Yaone's...

The tips of his ears burned with a familiar anger. He should have gone back for her; shouldn't have allowed her to...

But he had, because she'd been adamant and because, logically, rationally, he knew there had been no other way to escape.

Dokugakuji chose that moment to roll over, and roll further than he needed. His arm landed heavily over Kougaiji's shoulder as he curled up against him. "Sleep," he murmured.

Leaning back into his lover's embrace, Kougaiji sighed again and cleared his mind.
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