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Never the Same

To say that Yosh was not all he appeared to be would be much like observing that the sky is not always blue. One might think it simply a case of acting younger than his years, and yet the differences run deeper than that. There are other facts that need be taken into account when considering the strange situation of the elderly youkai.

Fact 1 - Yosh had been old when the castle was besieged. Though he had slept away the intervening years, time had still left its stamp on his mind.

Fact 2 - In his younger years, Yosh had dabbled in magics beyond his station. Before the arrival of the human scientist, he had been Gyokumen Koushou-sama's potion master. There were those who spoke of what he did with derision, yet none could deny that his alchemical concoctions did have a certain... undeniable effectiveness.

Fact 3 - There was a soul, flung from the Wheel short days before the Prince, that was drawn to the castle. This soul had bound itself rather tightly to certain other souls -- and one in particular -- in such a way as to drag it, willing or no, into proximity with that other. In this, karma would not be denied.

Fact 4 - The Wheel was greatly disrupted by the transformation that overcame the world Below. Scholars might speculate that, when the great king of the youkai awoke and reclaimed his throne, certain spokes on the Wheel simply broke, throwing entire cycles into chaos. Others take a less drastic view, but all agree that something -- some ineffeable base element -- became wrong.

Fact 5 - Yosh was slow to awaken from his 500-year slumber and, for the briefest moment of time, it appeared that his body awakened while his soul yet slumbered. Given the state of the Wheel, one might be inclined to forgive it a moment's lapse during which it considered the old youkai an empty vessel.

The sum of these facts, then, is a truth: Yosh's body is now inhabited by two souls. The elder (let us call him Yosh-prime, for simplicity), still slumbers for long periods, stirring only intermittently, when some curiosity puzzles and overwhelms the ability of the younger soul. That younger soul -- nameless these past fifteen years -- is of an age with the Prince, yet maintains the subterfuge of being elder by benefit of access to Yosh-prime's memories and experience.

It is a peculiar symbiosis. For the most part, it passes undetected.

Were certain occupants of the castle not so pre-occupied with the business of conquest (or child-rearing), that might not be the case.


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