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I needed a calendar system. Kiro pointed out that the Chinese and possibly other societies had a habit of numbering things by dynasty and ruler. Granted, Gyumaoh ruled for some unknown number of years before he was sealed by Nataku, and the 500 years would probably be counted as an Interregnum, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm resetting the calendar. Ergo, the year of his resurrection (the same year as the end of How Far Do You Bend?) would be Gyumaoh 0. (Yes, I am using zero. cope.)

His son and heir was therefore born in Gyumaoh 3.

This chapter, then, takes place in: Gyumaoh 16 )
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...without the incest. >.<

I keep futzing around with the Prince's age, trying to find a balance between what *fits* and what won't squick people. I may have to give up on the not squicking and just let it stand as is. Because, really, that was plan with this fic, and it's not like I'm going to go into gory detail about it. It's just a fact of life for him, and that's how I intend to write about it.

So. Problem solved. :p
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Have a very rough draft of chapter 1, in which some characters are introduced. ^_^ There's probably some whacked logic and bad grammar and everything else in here. Concrit and questions welcome, although I don't promise to actually revise anything too much. This is my babble outlet.

Guesses on reincarnations also welcome. ^_~

Toril & Johar )
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Random thoughts first:

I'm writing this for fun, and for a break from Existential Difficulties which means that I'm not obsessing over polishing it. Expect everything to be perpetual rough drafts, which may end up contradicting themselves and end up spawning new bits and variants. Room for growth. Flexibility. I'm not entirely certain where this is going or how I'm getting there, but the journey's the thing, right? ^_~

Prologue - Take 1 )
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What happened after How Far Do You Bend?

3 Years Later )
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Additional warnings for chapter two: non-con sex, or rape, if you prefer. Het and m/m. Minor character death. And the desperate surreality of a broken mind. This chapter made my beta curl up under a blanket on the couch. ~_~ Consider yourself warned.

How Far Do You Bend? ~ 2 )
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An alternative version of the events in "Misty" and "Wandering Destiny" (vol.4, ch. 19 & 20) or, if you prefer, episode 11 of Gensoumaden Saiyuki. Ergo - spoilerific for said episode/chapters.

Here comes your metric f-ton of warnings. ^_^;

Warnings: AU. Dark, very dark. Perverts and centipedes. Twisted mindgames featuring a Chin Iisou more sadistic than the manga version. Angst, pain, mind breaking. Major character death and insanity. Did I mention dark? ^_^; Read at your own risk. (~3500 words.)

How Far Do You Bend? )


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