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Birthdate:Apr 1
Saiyuki: AU and reinc.

How Far Do You Bend?

What if Chin Iisou was just that much smarter? What if Hakkai's sanity was not as stable as the Sanzo-ikkou thought? What if all his worst nightmares came true?

And what comes after:

The Sanzo-ikkou have failed. The resurrection of Gyumaoh was successful, and the world has fallen to the hands of the youkai. War is brewing between Heaven and Below, and there is no one left to stop it.

Or is there?


The Fic: Chronologically


Saiyuki in its original incarnation belongs to Minekura Kazuya, and others.
This particular reincarnation of the characters of Gensoumaden Saiyuki belong to Tavam (nekonexus).
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